Marijuana Crimes
What to do if you're caught up.

Things To Know

Drug Charges

One of the most common criminal charges filed in the United States court system is for drug use. Despite the law, the use of marijuana, in particular, doesn't seem to be fading away like a passing trend. It's very similar to alcohol prohibition in the 1920s where people will just keep using it despite what the law says.

Marijuana Use

What's not similar to alcohol prohibition, which was repealed in 1933, is the fact that the laws against marijuana use just won't go away, causing tens of thousands of Americans to get a criminal record, serve time in jail or prison, and pay hefty fines. Although views are changing, the laws still exist.

Marijuana Laws

Marijuana laws are beginning to change - slowly. Although everyone agrees that drug dealers and sales of marijuana and drugs to minors should always be illegal, others believe that personal marijuana use for recreational or medicinal purposes should be legally available but regulated.

What to do

Until the time comes when the laws on the use and possession of marijuana are repealed, everyone should respect what the law says. For those who are defiant and choose not to wait until then, you run the risk of being arrested for marijuana possession and being under the influence.

If you or someone you know is caught up with marijuana drug charges, you face any number of consequences including jail time, a criminal record, fines, and a bad reputation. But you can fight these charges and eliminate or minimize the damages by hiring a marijuana defense attorney in your area.